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Free DNS Hosting

We offer complete DNS hosting that allows you to add and remove your own records.

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Domain Manager

Take control of all your domains, renewals, billing and services in one place via our friendly Domain Manager which includes quick setups and management tools.

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Domain Transfer

We have an easy, open policy allowing you to transfer your domain anytime and unlike other registrars we have no lock in contracts or fees.

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Instant Domain Name Registration

Your domain name registration will be processed as soon as payment has been received.

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Free Email and Web Forwarding

Forward emails sent to your domain name to another email and point your domain name to another web site.

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Free WHOIS ID Protection

Protect your personal information that is listed on the public WHOIS database on selected extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When you’re trying to launch a website online, one of the most common questions you’ll ask yourself is “what is a domain name?” Essentially, it is the unique web address that browsers use to find your company or organisation on the internet. It can be used in a website, such as www.mybusiness.com, and in an email address, such as email@mybusiness.com instead of the usual @gmail email. Domains for sale can be used for business purposes as well as personal or non-commercial means. They usually have up to 63 characters, without spaces, and including the letters A to Z. You can also include hyphens, and the numbers 0 to 9. So, if you have a company in Sydney called ABC Travel and Tours, a good website name is www.abctravelandtours.com.au Both expensive and cheap domain names have two parts—the main domain and the Top Level Domain (TLD) or the domain extension. In our example above, the main domain name is “abctravelandtours” and “.com.au” is the TLD.

Every website has a corresponding IP address, which is a set of numbers used to locate a server where that website is hosted. When you’re looking for a particular website, your browser will need the IP address of that site so it can fetch the webpages and show them to you. The problem is that remembering a long set of numbers for every website you want to visit can be quite difficult, not to mention time-consuming. To make the user’s life easier, domain names were created as human-friendly equivalents to IP addresses. Each domain for sale is assigned to one unique IP address. When you type a domain into your web browser, your computer will check a DNS server—a super computer that acts as a database for all IP addresses and their corresponding domains—to obtain the specific IP address of the site you want. Once it is found, your computer will fetch the site and display it through your web browser.

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Rippa Hosting Solutions is subject to the rules and policies set forth by auDA for .au domain name registrations. For any complaints related to .au domain names please contact auDA for information about your rights and responsibilities. For further information please see auDA’s FAQ.

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